Visiting house

398a8bc2e3f7f879ff0986359513be80_LHave a final look around before the first potential buyers are due to arrive.

You should:

Check any indoor plants to make sure that they look healthy. Some colourful cut flowers will brighten up darker rooms.Board out your pets for the day. Some people don’t like animals in the house, even if you regard the cat or dog as a member of the family. Send the children off to stay with friends. Some buyers might not take kindly to having boisterous juveniles around when they’re thinking of spending large sums of money.Check for dust – cleanliness counts everywhere, not just in the toilet and bathroom.Open the drapes and curtains. Let prospective buyers see as much of the house in natural light as possible.Let the agent do the talking and keep in the background as much as possible. Some prospective buyers may make remarks about your house – or your handy work if you have done some renovating – that could upset you. It is sometimes very difficult not to take offence particularly if people start commenting adversely on the state of your kitchen or bathroom.

Remember, some buyers will not deal directly with the owner.