4695cb3b19cbf906e45dac0da0913068_XLBefore the commencement of your lease, your Property Manager will complete an inspection and full Condition Report; you will be given the opportunity to check this and add to it once the lease is signed. This copy should then be returned to our agency within 7 days from the lease commencement.

This is the report we refer to at the end of the tenancy. It is therefore in your best interest to read through the Condition Report and Tenancy Agreement thoroughly and ensure you retain a copy in a safe place. Regular inspections will also be conducted by our Property Management staff during the tenancy period.

A letter containing details of the inspection will be sent out well in advance before the inspection date. A specific time is not given because our property managers carry out a number of inspections during that particular time period. If you are unable to make the inspection we will use spare keys to gain access to your property. If you wish someone to be present at the inspection please make them available for the entire time period allocated in the letter.