Evaluating a potential purchase

9ecd376e5371efaef9aad9bc9143aed8_XLMost property owners buy or sell property relatively infrequently and therefore rarely come across the huge changes that have occurred in property marketing. But there is a lot buyers can do in the lead up to a purchase to minimise the stress and maximise the chances of success.

The information we have provided in this section will assist you in evaluating a potential purchase and help guide you into the right home.

Before you make an offer, it’s a good idea to double check the following:
• Is the dwelling close to facilities your family needs—primary and/or high schools, jobs, sporting facilities and public transport?
• Have you got easy access to green open spaces, nearby parks, shops etc?
• How secure is the property? Are there window locks, fly screens, dead locks?
• Is there enough storage space? Does the garden suit your lifestyle?